Overwintering in Spain

Granfiesta Oropesa

Granfiesta Oropesa is the solution for people who want to spend a pleasant time or for health reasons, want to hibernate in Spain but who look up against the language barrier, making contact with others, the lack of international TV channels and the lack of knowledge about Spanish healthcare and other agencies.

These concerns are not there when you winter in Granfiesta Oropesa with other people, a  helpdesk, international and TV channels and other facilities.

You can enjoy yourself at a comfortable temperature, a stone's throw from the beach. To prevent a harsh winter gnawing on your health, you can comfortably go to Spain in the winter months. More and more people understand that. In seaside resorts like Benidorm, it even starts to get too crowded.

Oropesa del Mar, located on the orange blossom coast, is a well-known summer holiday destination for Spaniards, but is relatively unknown to foreigners. That is why Granfiesta has searched for (and found) opportunities where you can still afford to overwinter.

You can book for any period you want, but for overwinterers who book a minimum of 2 months, there are attractive discounts on the rent, which can go up to 25%.



Granfiesta oropesa consists of one hundred fourty 2 and 3-room apartments in the Playa Dorada building, with 2 bathrooms each, one with a whirlpool, a balcony with a seating area and sea view. The complex has its own swimming pool. You can turn on the helpdesk when you need something, you can even rent bikes and in a holiday resort like Oropesa del Mar you will never have to get bored.

With other overwinterers in Granfiesta Oropesa it is relatively easy for Granfiesta to organize excursions. For example, a bus trip for a day trip to Barcelona, at a distance of 350 kilometers, must take place many times in order to serve all winter visitors. The same applies for excursions to the nearby Benicassim, the classic beauty of the nostalgic Castellon, the beautiful city of Valencia, the old castle town of the temple knights Peniscola and other destinations, such as entertainment centers and nature parks.


But there are also excursions to much closer places and events. You should definitely have dined in restaurant Puerta del Sol on the beach of La Concha in the center of Oropesa or have been once in the largest saltwater baths in Europe in Marina d'Or.
With a large number of winter visitors in Granfiesta Oropesa it is also possible to organize excursions at the request of the winter visitors. So who knows where you will all end up!