The dream of every tourist

Oropesa del Mar is a typical Mediterranean town on the Costa del Azahar. The beautiful climate, the natural beauty and tranquility of the fine sandy beaches and coves, the modern tourist infrastructure with numerous entertainment opportunities for young and old, the marina, the picturesque old town, the nightlife, this is just a taste of what you will enjoy during your stay in this beautiful city that has grown out of a traditional fishing village.
The Marina d'Or holiday project, the largest of its kind in Spain, has added many other options, such as wellness centers, saltwater spas, recreation parks for young and old, sports facilities, water parks, restaurants, etc.

Marina d'Or

The Playa Dorada building is located in the Marina d'Or resort in Oropesa del Mar. It is a party every day. There are 8 different parks for children and teenagers. Every day it is difficult to choose: one of the many activities or building sand castles on the beach that lies at the door. After dinner with the children go to the mini disco or you can also enjoy one of the shows yourself.

You will be impressed by this center that includes everything, such as shops, restaurants, water parks, hotels and hostels for all tastes and budgets.
In the hotel "Marina d'Or Balneario" you will find the largest saltwater bathing area in Europe, where you can spend many hours, but you do not have to look long to find other bathing sensations in this area.

At the center of Marina d'Or begins the beautiful park with scultures in the style of the famous Spanish painter Juan Miro. This park winds alongside the promenade in the direction of your apartment.

Oropesa del Mar

As you walk along the long beaches or in the town center of Oropesa del Mar, you will discover an endless stream of cafes, terraces, restaurants, pubs, ice cream shops and more, where you can cool down during the hottest hours of the day or enjoy the traditional, healthy dishes of taste the varied Mediterranean cuisine.

Oropesa del Mar offers you 12 kilometers of coastline, with 7 beaches that stand out in diversity and in the purity of the water. You have the choice of long fine sandy beaches, smaller, more hospitable family beaches, small accessible bays and wild beaches with sand and rocks.

A walk from north to south brings you along more than 2 kilometers of sandy beaches. The rocky strip is ideal for diving and fishing, and is very accessible, with a wide range of amenities and with seafaring, windsurfing, sailing, jet skiing, etc. Further south the coast becomes more robust and beyond the cliffs you will find quiet, secluded beaches .