Spain is the second tourist country in the world

Tourism to Spain is increasing by 10% every year. This is partially due the fact that  tourist countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Greece, became less attractive, but the charm and climate of Spain certainly also plays a major role. North Europe is also aging, as a result of which more and more people are interested in spending the winter in a pleasant climate. Spain is currently the second tourist country in the world, while tourism continues to increase. Places such as Barcelona, Benidorm, Marbella or Palma de Mallorca and Granada remain attractions for tourists from all over the world.

The apartments


After the real estate crisis in Spain in 2008, prices fell by 40%. In order to save the banks, the government has transferred around 200,000 of these buildings, worth 50 billion euros, to SAREB, the so-called "bad bank".
Granfiesta has concluded an agreement with SAREB to acquire selected parts of the SAREB properties.


The sale of the apartments mainly is to tourists and overwinterers from Northern European countries and for a small part to residents of countries like China and India who want to acquire a continuous Schengen visa. With an investment of at least € 500,000 in Spanish property, they can obtain a Schengen visa for the whole family, allowing their children to study in Europe.

In the region


In the region you will find charming, typical Spanish provincial towns such as Castellon, the old castle town of Peniscola where popes stayed and the beautiful city of Valencia.

Nature parks and beaches

There are several nature parks and nature reserves in the region and in the immediate vicinity you will find several beaches with a variety of characters.


In Oropesa del Mar and surroundings there are not only seven theme parks, but also salt water parks and several swimming pools.