Your apartment in the Playa Dorada building on the beach in Oropesa del Mar in Spain is still affordable, it is a great holiday- and overwintering opportunity and a source of income.

In the brochure you will find information about the apartments, the location and the surroundings, maps, the investment and the reasons why every day in Oropesa del Mar is a party.

Download the brochure here

A triple return

You can spend your summer holidays in the Spanish holiday resort of 2015, make your winters more comfortable in Granfiesta Oropesa and financially benefit from the increasing tourism and the recovering property market in Spain.


Fully serviced

Granfiesta Homes offers you a package of services with the purchase of your Spanish second home to relieve you of all your worries as a Spanish homeowner. Granfiesta also guarantees a high rental income in the periods that you do not use the house.

Granfiesta Homes Spain

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